Welcome to Jagofon!

We are Indonesia's first marketplace specializing in second-hand smartphones.

Our vision is to empower every Indonesian with high-quality, sustainable, and affordable technology.

Our mission is to rebuild trust in the second-hand smartphone market, with top quality yet affordable phones. We follow a meticulous selection and testing methodology to bring you the very best. And by buying from us, you're giving a second life to a device, thus helping to reduce electronic waste and protect the environment.

The benefits of buying quality secondhand smartphones

Quality Guaranteed

Quality Guaranteed

100% functional phones.
Free 30-day warranty.



Serious about money? Our fine
selection and prices will delight you.

Transparency & Legitimacy

Transparency & Legitimacy

All phones are original and comply
with the latest regulations.

Customer Care

Customer Care

We always give you the best
shopping experience.



Buy anytime, anywhere
+ Free delivery

Change the World

Change the World

One less lonely phone
at the landfills.

quality screening & your safety

All phones on Jagofon have been carefully tested and cleaned by experts

We put a lot of effort and focus into systematically testing and professionally cleaning your phones before we send them out to you.

This ensures that you will get a fully functional and clean phone, and that you are safe from viruses or bacteria.

step no. 1

IMEI check

Jagofon's IMEI test is powered by global authority GSMA and is compliant with Indonesia's Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) regulations. As a result, Jagoans never have to worry about purchasing an illegal phone.

step no. 2

Functionality tests

All our products score 100% on Jagofon's 90+ functionality checkpoints. Our automated system ensures that all phones are tested objectively without human error.

Detection Of Non-Original Parts
Battery (Minimum 80%)
All Buttons
Wifi - Bluetooth - 3G/4G
Speakers & Microphone
SIM Card Reader & IMEI Code
LCD screen
Touch/Face ID

we only sell smartphones that 100% pass the tests above

physical & aesthetic condition

We are transparent about the devices physical and aesthetic condition

We know you've been catfished before. And it feels terrible! That's why Jagofon is transparent about the device's physical conditions. We have 4 gradings:

Screen: Excellent condition. No scratches.

Body: Excellent condition. No scratches visible from a distance of 20cm.

Battery: Good condition. Minimum 80% of its maximum capacity.

Mint condition image

Mandatory cleaning

To ensure your safety and help to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we use 70% isopropyl alcohol to wipe the surfaces of our products. On top of that, we ensure the cleanliness of ports, speakers, casing, and screen.

  • 70% isopropyl alcohol on all surfaces

  • Ports cleaned

  • Speakers cleaned

  • Casing cleaned

  • Screen cleaned

Jagofon Impact


Reduction of electronic waste: did you know that each smartphone contains toxic chemicals (lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic) that can leak into the environment, find their way back into our bodies, and lead to serious health issues such as DNA damage and cancer? Each device that we sell is one fewer device that ends in a landfill.

Help to fight climate change: when you use a preloved smartphone, 16 kg of CO2 emissions needed to manufacture a new one are avoided!

Economic Impact

By buying from Jagofon our customers support many local businesses, not multinationals, and they enjoy 100% functional devices at highly discounted prices!

Join our Cause and help us advance the Circular Economy!

Buying second-hand supports human and environmental sustainability.

We are Indonesia's first step in reducing electronic waste damage.

Rice paddy

e-waste facts in Indonesia

While around 70% of phones could be reused, only about 14-17% of phones are currently recycled each year.

150 million phones are dumped each year.

Pollutants from e-waste accumulate in our bodies and can lead to serious health issues such as DNA damage and cancer.

Most people only use their phone for about 18 months despite devices having a lifespan of around seven years.

Buying second-hand helps to support many local businesses, helping to boost the Indonesian economy.

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